Season 3 Episode 22 : A Comeback Story with Jackie Polk

Mac & Jack chat with Jackie Polk, a reunified sober mom about her turning her whole life around from a story of domestic violence captivity and substance abuse to a reunified mom helping other moms with her story of resilience and overcoming some of the biggest obstacles of life. Jackie has come back from what…

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Season 1 Episode 22 : Understanding Foster Brothers in Foster Care – Meet Jack Jr

Jack invites Jack Jr to the studio for a chat about being a brother to foster siblings. Jack Jr was adopted internationally at the age of 2 and was an only child for about 4 years before Jack’s family became a foster family. Now Jack is a brother to his foster siblings and three siblings…

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Season 1 Episode 16 : Sibling Reunification & Nichole’s Wild Foster Care Ride

Jack & Cat sit with Nichole who has had one wild ride through successfully adopting three siblings despite enormous adversity. She has had to remain quiet throughout the media reports over the past year, due to the confidentiality requirements of foster parents and those involved with these cases. But… Today… She takes her voice back….

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