Season 4 Episode 18 : Crisis in Georgia – The Timms Story – Keep Knocking

Carrie and Brady Timms are the parents of 2 year old Jameson. He started experiencing some concerning symptoms in his first months of life that had his parents bringing him to the doctor and the hospital trying to figure out. He would have discolorations appear on his body and then disappear. Sometimes within minutes they would just be gone. Photos with timestamps show these red spots all over him one moment and then 6 minutes later they are gone. He also experienced mottling of his skin, as evidenced by photographs.

Trying to solve why their son had these spots on his skin, the Timms took Jameson to their pediatrician who called in a child abuse report on them. Georgia DFCS came out to their house and assured them they had nothing to worry about. However, they then received a phone call from DFCS saying they needed to bring Jameson to CHOA immediately and expect to be treated like criminals, or they would come get him themselves.

They went right to CHOA and before they knew it, the child abuse pediatrician, Dr Verena Brown, was accusing them of hurting their own son and ordered a full workup for non accidental trauma. The X-rays revealed that there were rib fractures present. Suddenly the Timms found themselves separated from their son and being arrested for child abuse.

Knowing that they didn’t abuse their child, and that there must be a medical reason for everything that was going on, the Timms continued pushing for answers for what was going on. After much convincing, Georgia DFCS allowed them to take him out of state to a specialist to find out if he had Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS). DFCS workers met them there and the doctor determined with high likelihood that the symptoms that Jameson was experiencing did not seem to be the result of abuse, but of a genetic condition that his mom was also diagnosed with, hEDS. The geneticist was able to see the decalcification of bones in Jameson which can present as fractures to a less knowledgeable doctor.

The Timms excitedly returned to the next court hearing, expecting this to be the day their son would return to them and all of this would go away. But the judge refused to hear testimony or evidence on the diagnosis and simply asked the Timms to pick a family member to sign their son over to so that she could close the case. Fortunately, there was a family member who was able to do this for them.

But now they await their criminal trial, and still suffer the loss of their son, which they can’t do anything about until they are able to prove their innocence in their criminal trials. Fortunately they are able to have supervised visits with him, but the pending events are terrifying as both parents prefacing 80 years in prison each.

To help the Timms family and others affected in Georgia here are some things that you can do to make a difference:
* Please call Governor Kemp at (404) 656-1776 and ask him to meet with these families.
* Please call Senator Ossoff at (470) 786-7800 and ask him to meet with these families.
* Please email the District Attorney, Erle J. Newton III at and ask him to reconsider these charges
* Please donate if you are able to, in order to help the Timms Family keep fighting!
* Follow Parents Behind the Pinwheels on Tiktok and share their videos
* Visit You are The Power to see more ways to help
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