Season 4 Episode 15 : Crisis in Georgia – The Sullivan Story – Part 1

Diana and Corey Sullivan met in 6th grade and started dating in 8th grade. Married by 21, they immediately started trying to have children. When it didn’t work out they turned to fertility doctors and ended up conceiving their first child the first time they tried IVF. In hopes of providing their daughter with a sibling they tried again and ran into many more challenges. However, they kept trying until they were pregnant with twins and were so excited to bring more children into their family.

After a precarious pregnancy, much of which was spent in the hospital with her and the female twin’s medical conditions, the twins were born in an emergency c-section. Despite the desire to have a natural childbirth, Diana heard that because her little girl was so low and so small that the contractions may severely injure the baby. She had already gone into preterm labor many times and had to spend hours and days trying to get it to stop so the tiny twins could finish developing.

After a stay in the NICU for both babies they finally returned home as a family of 5. However, there were concerns for the female twin (Amelia) and they continued to ask their pediatrician and follow directions. One night during a feeding, Corey noticed that Amelia had a swollen leg. They immediately took her to the emergency room and their concerns became greater as the day went on. Not only did Amelia have a fractured femur but a ton of other fractures in her body in various stages of healing. Before they knew it, Corey and Diana found themself in the unfortunate club of fractured families whose children were removed for suspected child abuse – when really the reason for the injuries was clearly medical.

They have been fighting to find all the medical answers to explain not only how their daughter can be best supported in her health but also to prove that they have not in fact abused their child and have all three of their children reunified back with them so they can continue life as a family of 5 and give their children the best care possible.

Knowing that her family has a history of bone diseases even at young ages, Diana immediately started looking for the answers in her and her daughter’s genetics. She has seen specialists of highest caliber all over the country and found that she herself has a number of bone diseases that are all genetic and give a very good chance that her children could also inherit them. These diagnosis include: EDS hypermobility type with marfanoid features (hEDS), osteopenia, and Diana is a carrier of the TNFRSF11A and SUCO gene and is continuing testing to determine the extent of her medical situation.

Despite knowing this – Camden County – Georgia DFCS has only allowed a very limited and controlled testing be done for Amelia. They have an upcoming permanency hearing coming up, but without a caseplan and a goal of non-reunification, this family needs our support to change the tide. We need to raise our voices up for the Sullivan Family and make sure Camden County Georgia DFCS knows that we are watching them.

Looking into these Georgia Families, there are several similar cases where families are facing serious charges and the loss of their children, and Georgia DFCS is not doing the necessary investigations before determining that abuse is taking place. In fact – Camden County has had a series of criminal allegations against their social workers of late.

To help the Sullivan family and others affected in Georgia here are some things that you can do to make a difference:
* Please call Governor Kemp at (404) 656-1776 and ask him to meet with these families.
* Please call Senator Ossoff at (470) 786-7800 and ask him to meet with these families.
* Please donate if you are able to, in order to help the Sullivan Family keep fighting!
* Follow Parents Behind the Pinwheels on Tiktok and share their videos
* Visit You are The Power to see more ways to help
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** Of note is that Dr Barbara Knox is the Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP) assigned to this case and you can read all about her history of false allegations and being investigated in her two former positions.