Season 1 Episode 32 : A Merry Foster Family Christmas

Fostering the Future Podcast
Fostering the Future Podcast
Season 1 Episode 32 : A Merry Foster Family Christmas

Jack (fostermom) & Nichole (fostermom & gal) chat about ways to make Christmas easier on children who are in foster care and away from their families. Here are some ideas:

  1. Ask them and their family about any traditions they have and see what you can implement in your home so they don’t miss it, and include their families however that may be possible
  2. Make sure there is not a disparity in gifts for children in your home whether they are bio, adoptive, or foster
  3. Make sure everyone feels included in your family traditions
  4. Look for opportunities to celebrate Christmas out in your community (christmas tree lightings, events, driving around to see lights, festivals, etc)
  5. Invite their family to these community outings so that they get to experience these Christmas outings with their children as well
  6. Talk to them about your family traditions and what to expect, so they don’t have additional anxiety about feeling out of place or not knowing who will be where and what will happen
  7. Involve their family in your Christmas planning – like get them involved in your elf on the shelf – perhaps have him visit their home
  8. Connect their family with resources so they can provide gifts for their children too
  9. Help the children make christmas crafts that they can use as personalized gifts for their family
  10. Teach your family about giving