Season 4 Episode 10 : CAP Crisis – Tasha’s Story – Part 2

Jack & Christy chat with Tasha and her attorney, Valentina Villalobos, A mom in South Florida who has another story of medical abuse of power. Tasha and her husband had their 8 year old son and newborn twins removed after a child abuse pediatrician declared a diagnosis of abuse, despite the children having numerous medical issues that pointed towards diagnosis of brittle bones.

Despite the fact that numerous doctors (7) since the removal have reviewed the case and medical records and determined that Tasha has hEDS and that her twins also have clear signs of it – her kids remain living apart from their parents. The doctors that DCF used to determine the fractures were caused by child abuse had very little experience and were not experts in brittle bone disease. The genetics and bone disease doctors that Tasha asked to review the cases are some of the most experienced in the country – but as we are seeing in these situations with child abuse pediatricians – the judge sided with the CAPs instead of the actual experts. Despite the fact that Tasha reached out to a founding father of child abuse pediatrics who found numerous errors with the accusing CAPs diagnosis, the judge sided with the opinion of a rookie doctor.

Her twins were not only diagnosed with brittle bone disease by genetic and bone experts, but they also had their fractures dated to both birth and prenatal. Additionally, injuries happened again two separate times after removal. Not only did this proof not create a u-turn from DCF, but they TPRed the children. This means they would not be able to return to their parents and would be expected to be adopted. The case is still under appeal and everyone is hoping to finally hear the good news that the family has been waiting for.

To help Tasha’s family here are some things that you can do to make a difference:
* Please call Governor DeSantis at (850) 717-9337 and ask him to review this case.
* Please call your local legislator and tell them we want a second opinion law like Texas.
* Please donate if you are able to, in order to help Tasha’s family keep fighting!
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