Season 4 Episode 4 : Crisis in Georgia – The Hernandez Story

Jack & Christy chat with Jennifer. A fostermom in Georgia who is helping the Hernandez family and many other families going through similar stories of medical abuse of power.

Matt & Taki Hernandez noticed a swollen leg on their infant and brought her to the dr who referred her to CHOA and within two hours (before sufficient testing could be run), CHOA called in a child abuse pediatrician who had both children removed from their parents’ custody for abuse and soon charges were filed on Taki. Despite the infant having signs of prenatal Ricketts or possibly other conditions that could cause things like low vitamin D and cupping of the ribs – once the child abuse pediatrician declared it child abuse – a trajectory began that has done everything possible to destroy this family.

Looking into CHOA, there are several similar cases where families are facing serious charges and the loss of their children, and Georgia DFCS is not doing the necessary investigations before determining that abuse is taking place.

To help the Hernandez family and others affected in Georgia here are some things that you can do to make a difference:
* Please call Governor Kemp at (404) 656-1776 and ask him to meet with the Hernandez family.
* Please call Senator Ossoff at (470) 786-7800 and ask him to meet with the Hernandez family.
* Please donate if you are able to, in order to help the Hernandez Family keep fighting!
* Follow Parents Behind the Pinwheels on Tiktok and share their videos
* Visit You are The Power to see more ways to help
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